Dr. William Tortolano

1930 - present
“I think you preserve your culture by doing more than eating Italian food. We get hung up on our cuisine which is the best in the world and forget that there are other things that come out of Italy. There’s history, there’s literature, there’s music, there’s art, there’s sculpture, there’s poetry, there’s all these things which make an identity of a people, that makes an identity different from another culture. And by saying Vermont Italian Cultural (Association), you open it up to other people who might not be of Italian background.”

Bio Data

Place of Birth: Providence, RI

Italian Heritage: Molise

Significant Life / Work Experience: Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts/Music at Saint Michael's College.

History with VICA: Past President and Founding Member

A Review of Italian Music
History of Italian Operas
An Interesting Look at Italian Artists: Tour of Shelburne Museum
Italy's Protection of Jewish Citizens
New and Provocative Books About Italians Everywhere
A Vermont Musical Sampler

Interview - 09/22/17

Interviewee: Dr. William Tortolano

Interviewers: Nicole Librandi, Robbe Brook, and David Usher