Using Technology to Preserve and Augment History

An interactive 3D platform to showcase significant stories and events from the past, featuring a digital recreation of Burlington's 'Little Italy'

Can we use technology to capture, preserve and augment history? Create an immersive world were people can explore, learn and increase their understanding of the past and it’s significance? Enhance the experience with layers of information with a compelling and easy to navigate user interface?

My goal is to discover unique ways of engaging the community and have fun learning about local history.

As an artist, I love the interpretive and immersive nature of the project. I have a strong interest in history and architecture and realize the educational value of the project. The project pushes the boundaries of both the technical and aesthetic realms of interactive art in an attempt to capture a ‘sense of history’. I hope you enjoy it.

Now that the platform is built, the possibilities are endless. Could there be an alternate past or an imaginative future? A narrative or mystery that involves using knowledge of present and past to solve? Or maybe just an escape from modern hassles and information overload for a change of pace.

Coberlin C. Brownell
Champlain College - MFA Emergent Media